Sunday, November 14, 2010

Letter To The CEOs

From 30 Days

Dear Captains of Industry

You blew it.

You let me down. Suffice to say, you let us all down. Capitalism was supposed to be good for everyone. Not just the rich stockholder that you serve these days.

In your greed and short sightedness, you let us all down and in the end, shot yourself in the foot. You grabbed for the brass ring one to many times and finally fell off the carousal. The real problem is, that made the rest of us fall off with you. Thanks a bunch.

At GM, you built a swell electric car back in the late 90s, then scrapped them all and turned the plant space over to Hummer production. Swift move. We could have used that electric car (EV-1) when gas hit $4 a gallon 3 years later. Now Hummer is owned by a forigen country and we still don’t have an electric car.

Bank of America, you approved all those homeowner loans for WAY more than the consumer could ever hope to pay back in the early 2000s, and now you are foreclosing on all that property and getting your loans refunded by Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, again, at our expense. You got all the money back for your bad investments and now get to sell the houses all over again, for more profit. I don’t suppose there is a lot of conscious or empathy in those ivory towers, if there ever was any.

Exxon, BP, Royal Dutch Shell, I won’t even go there. You run the world, everyone suspects it, the oil soaked pelicans and petroleum fires are just a bonus I suppose.

My father always told me to work hard and get a good job with a big company, because that was were the best and the brightest in society worked. I am glad he isn’t around anymore to see just how much you have screwed up the system.

Enjoy that year end bonus, and I will just keep paying my taxes to clean up your mistakes.


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