Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Letter To A 'Chat' Buddy

From 30 Days

Dear Melinda

I have a funny feeling it is too late for any of this. But if this falls on deaf ears, then so be it.

I never really knew you. While we ‘instant messaged’ for about 8 years, we never really met. But we did exchange a lot of views.

Time and tide has taught me that many people use the internet as a mask to hide behind and conceal who they really are. So how much of you is fact and and how much of you is fiction, I will never really know.

You claimed to be 41, but stated you looked 24. You claimed to be a nurse and well paid. You were shallow. I mean really shallow. You hated people that weren’t ‘perfect’, you didn’t like poor people and hated the idea of having to pay taxes to support losers.

You bitched and bitched about the way the world was and how the only things that mattered to you were being with beautiful people and looking young forever. To you, all the poor minorities were just vermin to be exterminated.

You horded money and were always looking for a way to hide it from the government.

Yet despite all your opinions, you didn’t seem to know much about how the world ticked. You only seemed to seek attention and desire.

Despite me pointing this out to you over the years, in numerous messenger exchanges, you kept coming back. I think you valued the honest feedback I gave you, since not many others probably wanted to have a conversation with you (listen to you bitch that is).

The last I heard from you, you were going into the hospital with cancer. Something tells me you did not beat it. I haven’t heard from you in ages and doubt I ever will again. You may have met your end, in the same way as all those people you despised. Alone, undesirable, with all that money that did you no good.

Somewhere along the line, you got broken, and it was long before you got cancer. I don’t know if society corrupted you, or if it was just the way you were raised. I don’t think I gleaned much from our friendship(?), except that there are a lot of really pretty, shallow people in this world that are self centered bigots.

Sorry you never figured that out.

Your Chat Buddy,



  1. Very interesting...she reminds me of someone I know who is very close to me.... Hopefully, that person will eventually figure it out.

  2. Wow. You would think a nurse who is the industry of caring/healing people wouldn't be so shallow or a bigot.

    Despite it all, hope she's okay.