Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The Hypocrisy Store


I went to Hobby Lobby this afternoon with my wife. I don’t often go here, but they do have some interesting things from time to time that give me some creative ideas. However, I try not to shop here because I dont agree with the religious beliefs of its owners.

If you are one of the lucky few that have not been to Hobby Lobby, it is a Christian based chain of craft stores. There are bibles of all shapes and sizes at the checkout counters right next to all those candy bars and trinkets for the kids. 

The owners refused to offer employees any family planning coverage (read abortion) on their employee healthcare policy based on religious grounds. They took this argument all the way to the supreme court, and won their case.  Fair enough, that is their right.

They are not open on Sundays, stating on their corporate website that they believe that employees should be spending time with family and going to church on the sabbath. Fair enough, it is their store. 

However, since this is an outlet that leans toward the conservative side of politics, I am assuming that there may be some connection with the current administration, since both are claiming the mantle of the Evangelical right. 

So I was rather amused and shocked, that as I walked through the store waiting for my wife to finish her shopping, every item I picked up to examine proclaimed it was ‘Made in China’. I mean, EVERYTHING (90% of the merchandise) was made in China. Cute signs that read “Home Sweet Home”, “God Bless This Mess”, cups, mugs, plates, door knobs, all made in China. The cherry on top of all this were those Bibles at checkout...all PRINTED in China. 

So here is a store that claims to preach and practice good Christian values, where most of their profit is made from the sale of merchandise that comes halfway across the world, from a godless communist country. 

So when the current occupant of the White House claims that all our problems and health risks are from China, they are basically saying that Hobby Lobby needs to be put out of business. Because, I can assure you, there aren’t enough Americans that demand a minimum wage of $14/hour who are willing to make all these knick-knacks for the same price as the Chinese. 

It isn’t Hobby Lobby, it is the China Outlet Store. When it comes to politics and religion, you have to remember to follow the money.