Tuesday, November 26, 2019

He Saw / She Saw - They Won't Believe Me


Highly recommend this movie made in 1947 staring Robert Young, Rita Johnson, and Susan Haywood.  Interesting plot of a man who married only for money, and keeps cheating on her, and eventually he is accused of murder.  A stellar performance by Robert Young and so many twists which kept you wanting to not hit the pause button!   Watch it...you will be glad you did!


A fascinating sleeper film.  Both Sue and I watched most of this slack-jawed because we couldn't tell what was going to happen next.   The plot really can't be described in simple terms.  It is complex, but what stands out, is that this is a scandalous / daring film done in a much more repressive and button-down society.  In the end it is a morality tale, but you won't see the ending coming. 

For RePeats Sake: Yessongs

Take Away:

This is a classic concert film performed in 1972.  Its not fancy or slick, but shows the power of the original lineup of the band, including Rick Wakeman.  What was interesting were the trailers at the end of side two that indicated that this was a theatrical release in 'Quadraphonic' sound.  The laser is only stereo, but the theatrical performance was probably really impressive. 

Track List:

Opening Logos
Your Move/I've Seen All Good People
The Clap
And You And I
Close to the Edge
Excerpts from The Six Wives of Henry VIII
Yours is No Disgrace
End Credits: Excerpt from Starship Trooper


Monday, November 25, 2019

For RePeats Sake: Wham! In China / Foreign Skies

Take Away:

An interesting view, not so much for the music performed by Wham, but as an historical document.  George Michael is all of 20 years old here and comes off as the perfect genetically engineered pop-star that pours out talent on stage.  However, there aren't a lot of musical numbers in this 60 minute video.  The ones that are performed are impressive, but this is more of a tour video and not a music video  What comes across is the fact that Wham! toured China about 10 years after Nixon's visit and they were still a pretty emerging country.  The group strolls through Tienanmen Square prior to the riots and hundreds of Mao clad concert goers fold their arms and stare at Michael gyrating on stage to "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go".  It is a bit surreal. 

Saturday, November 23, 2019

He Saw / She Saw - Paths Of Glory


A thumbs up for me.  It is a World War I movie where soldiers decide to not attack an enemy position, so their superior officers punish them. The movie is directed and written by Stanley Kubrick so you should definitely watch it if you’re a fan of his movies. Kirk Douglas plays Colonel Dax who is one of the soldiers who refuses to follow orders.  Great acting and dialogue. 


One of the few Kubrick films I have not seen.  I was looking forward to it and it did not disappoint.  This was done earlier in Stanley's career and the pacing isn't perfect and he lingers a bit to long in some scenes, but that is just Kubrick.  A fascinating character study with stunning cinematography. 

For RePeats Sake: Thelonious Monk - '63 In Japan

Take Away:

Wow!.  Only a 39 minute long one-sided Laserdisc, but well worth a listen.  I was never a fan of Monk before, but I am going to look him up more in the future.  A live 30 minutes jam session done for Japanese Television back in 1963.  Try finding this on some streaming service. 

Friday, November 22, 2019

For Repeats Sake: Heavy Metal

Take Away:

A historical animation document with shorts tied together with a common theme. What the viewer walks away with are the origins of Nickelodeon's Adult Swim.  For a target audience of 1980s High Schoolers, it is spot on.  

Thursday, November 21, 2019

For RePeats Sake: The Beatles Anthology - Disc 2

Take Away:

A sentimental trip down memory lane.  With clips and interviews that have never been seen outside this documentary, that was authorized and produced by the remaining Beatles.  On disc 2 (of 5) we get to see the lads from Liverpool maturing and launching into fame in the United States. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

For RePeats Sake: Music for the Movies - Bernard Herrmann

Take Away: 

Wow!, A real gem.  An international release in three different languages, with extensive interviews with Herrmann himself as well as his collaborators.  A real rebel and innovator.  His first film score was "Citizen Kane", his last was "Taxi Driver".  Can't say much more than that. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Things Old Guys Do - Barn Doors

The original barn doors.  They were layered slats that were four layers thick and were rotting on the bottom.  Each door weighed over 1000lbs.  The extension on the right had also rotted and was torn down.  (O'Henry the dog)

The only portion of the original doors that were salvaged.  Norvell-Shapleigh - Norleigh Diamond Barn Door Hangers.  Stripped the layered paint from them and refurbished the hardware.  According to a Google search, these were manufactured sometime before 1918.  

Since the doors were to large (8' X 10') to hang once assembled, I chose to arrange the doors on the ground and then hang them piece by piece on the barn.  Essentially, assembling the doors in place.  (Coco the dog)

Once the frame was hung, the remainder of each door could be installed in place.  (Iris the dog)

The primary door panel material is corrugated metal with window inserts placed in each door.  The windows were found in the barn and are being recycled.  They will be stripped, glazed and reinstalled in the same color scheme.  But that is a separate project. 

Keeping the theme of the Norleigh Diamond Hangers. 

On to the next project..... (O'Henry the dog)

For RePeats Sake: Concerto! - Mozart: Concerto For Flute & Harp

Take Away: 

A very good video.  Basically, a documentary of how musicians rehearse and interpret a very complex piece of music.  They are all virtuosos and are able to collaborate and communicate on a different plain than the rest of us, which creates incredibly beautiful music as a result. 

Monday, November 18, 2019

For RePeats Sake: M.C. Hammer - Non-Stop

Take Away

The man had talent and his singing and dancing are infectious.  However, all of his proselytizing about black empowerment comes off as self righteous and a bit hypocritical.  Side one of this disc is an hour long film focusing on Hammers 'acting' talents.  It was a bit cringe-worthy when he wasn't doing a dance number. 

Track List:

(Side 1)[short film]
Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em
That's Why We Pray
Yo Sweet Baby
Where You Let Them Be
I Am Dance Machine

(Side 2)
Let's Get It Started (live)
Turn This Mutha Out
Pump It Up
They Put In The Mix
Making of Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em
U Can't Touch This
Have Uou Seen Her
Pray II

Sunday, November 17, 2019

He Saw / She Saw - A Star Is Born


Definitely not what I expected.  Considering there have been 3 remakes of this movie, I was expecting it to be WOW.  In my opinion, it was not. Some film historians believe that the marriage of Barbara Stanwyck and Frank Fay was the film's real-life inspiration.  Who knows, but the plot is same as the remakes — country girl (played by Janet Gaynor) goes to city to become an actress, meets an actor she admires played by Fredrick March.  We soon find out he is an alcoholic and the ending is same.  She becomes famous...he dies.  I would not watch this movie again.


Going back through three remakes, this is the original that started it all.  An early O'Selznick film that shows glimpses of grandeur, but also has points that drag on far to long.  Good character development and pacing, however, this is a fair-tale film that is rather fluffy, aimed at farm girls on the Great Plains during the Great Depression. 

He Saw / She Saw - Disclosure


I am sure most people in our age group have seen this movie staring Demi Moore and Michael Douglas.   If you have not it is worth watching as they both give great performances,  She is his sexy new boss (and prior ex-girlfriend from many years back).  And she wants him...sexually!  Scenes are pretty graphic and shows how a woman can be domineering and forceful to get what is wanted in a man’s world.  Thumbs up!  


A well done film that oddly pre-dates the #metoo / sexual harassment movement of today.  Only back in the 1990s, it was the woman who is exposed as the predator.  The filmmakers vision of a technology / virtual-reality driven future is both interesting and humorous at the same time. 

For RePeats Sake: Aerosmith - The Making Of Pump

Take Away

An exceptional film.  I often lingered to watch segments as I walked through the Man Cave.  If you think you know Aerosmith, you probably don't.  Well shot with interesting interview segments that show the band had matured a lot by the time they made this.  The studio segments where they are rehearsing are astounding. 

Saturday, November 16, 2019

For RePeats Sake: Beethoven - Symphonies 3 & 7

Take Away

If you see the words Karajan and Beethoven in the title, you know it is going to be good.  Classical discs like this are of two type.  Images of life that are highlighted by the music and an actual classical concert.  This is a hybrid, with the Berlin Philharmonic filmed on a specially built sound stage with very high production value.  Karajan is so into the music, he never opens his eye during the 3rd Symphony. 

Friday, November 15, 2019

For RePeats Sake - Fleetwood Mac: Tango In The Night

Take Away:

Filmed at The Cow Palace in San Francisco 12th/13th of December, 1987.  In this rendition, Lindsay Buckingham is replaced by Billy Burnette and Rick Vito.  They make a tight band even better.  All their greatest hits in a well done concert film. 

Track List:

The Chain
Seven Wonders
Isn't It Midnight
World Turing
Little Lies
Oh Well
Gold Dust Woman
Another Woman Stand Back
Don't Stop

Thursday, November 14, 2019

For RePeats Sake: Maria Callas - Paris Debut

Take Away:

A concert film shot at the Paris Opera House in 1958.  A fascinating historical document of a famous performer in her prime.  She was the rival of Jackie Kennedy and the paramour of Aristotle Onassis and she was the last great Opera Prima Donna.  Watching this, she comes off as the Madonna of her day. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

For RePeats Sake: Listen Up - The Lives Of Quincy Jones

Take Away:

There is no track list here, more of an intimate portrait / documentary of Jones and all the musicians that he has collaborated with...and there are a LOT of them.  The definite aire to Duke Ellington.  Very well shot and produced. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

For RePeats Sake - Hullabaloo - Volumes 3 & 4

Take Away:

I never knew that Gary Lewis was Jerry Lewis' son.  All the Go-Go dancers appear to be overdosing on Amphetamines.  Watching him here, its hard to believe that Sonny Bono would go on to be Mayor of Palm Spring and eventually a U.S. Senator.  Trini Lopez was quite the rocker in his day.  The Hermits and Dreamers....wow.  Was I ever this young and innocent?  A rare look at Brian Epstein not pushing the Beatles. 

Side #1

Airdate: September 20, 1965

Jerry Lewis & Gary Lewis - Help!
Gary Lewis & The Playboys - Everybody Loves A Clown
Joannie Sommers - Before And After
Barry  McGuire - Eve of Destruction
Jerry Lewis - I'll See The Light
Paul Revere & The Raiders - Ooh Poo Pah Doo

Airdate: September 13, 1965

Sammy Davis Jr. - This Could Be The Start Of Something Big
The Lovin' Spoonful - So You Believe in Magic
Sonny & Cher - I Got You Babe
The Supremes - Nothing But Heartaches
Sammy Davis Jr. & The Supremes - Toot-Toot-Tootsie
Sammy Davis Jr. - I Know A Place
The Strangeloves - I Want Candy

Bonus Tracks:
The Searchers - What Have They Done To The Rain
The Searchers - Love Potion #9

Side #2

Airdate: May 4, 1965

Trini Lopez - What'd I Say
Sir Douglas Quintet - She's About A Mover
Vikki Carr - There Goes My Heart
Trini Lopez & Vikki Carr - If I Had A Hammer
Herman's Hermits - Can't You Hear My Heartbeat
Herman's Hermits - Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter
The Travelers Three - San Francisco Bay Blues
Martha & The Vandellas - Nowhere to Run
Freddie & The Dreamers - You Were Made For Me
Entire Case - Do The Freddie
Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode
Trini Lopez & Chuck Berry - Memphis
The Four Season - Dawn / Rag Doll / Toy Soldier / Bye Bye Baby
Herman's Hermits - Silhouettes
Trini Lopez - Sad Tomorrows
Trini Lopez - I've Lost My Love For You

Bonus Tracks:
Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - Game of Love
The Four Tops - Something About You

Monday, November 11, 2019

For RePeats Sake - Everlasting Gloria!

Take Aways: 

Mostly a promotional video for Gloria Estefan targeted toward an American / Latino audience.  Flashy videos that are well produced with introductions by Ms. Estefan.  Great music to clean house to. 

  • Live For Loving You
  • Always Tomorrow
  • Go Away
  • I See Your Smile
  • mi terra
  • Con Los Anos Que Me Quedan
  • Mi Buen Amor
  • Turn The Beat Around
  • It's Too Late
  • Everlasting Love
  • Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me
  • This Christmas
  • Silent Night
  • Abriendo Puertas
  • Megamix
  • Turn The Beat Around (12")
  • Everlasting Love ( 12" Mix)

Sunday, November 10, 2019

He Saw / She Saw - A Boy And His Dog


[Sue bailed on this film half way through, she couldn't understand the dialog or the plot of the film]


A cult film that I recall from my youth and I was excited to revisit it once I found it on Laserdisc.  Alas, it does not hold up well.   The audio and production value are not good, making it difficult to follow what is going on.  On my first viewing in 30 years, this comes off as low budget gorilla film-making with an interesting short story, stretched to feature length.  Although, the final scene is precious. 

Friday, November 8, 2019

He Saw / She Saw - The First Deadly Sin


Do not waste your time watching this movie, although reading about it after the fact on Wikipedia was more interesting.  This was Frank Sinatra’s last film that he produced and stared. Sinatra played a NYPD detective on the verge of retirement and tracks down a guy who is killing people with an ice axe.   His wife, played by Faye Dunaway, was in a hospital bed the entire show with very little acting on her part.   I would not recommend watching, waste of time.


An incredibly bad film, considering it's pedigree.  In the late 70s, all the aging Hollywood leading men had to jump on the 'Dirty Harry' / 'Bullet' bandwagon and make a bad-ass cop film.  This was Frankie's attempt.  The flow and continuity of the film is way off and the actors are just walking through scenes.  Faye Dunaway's character never leaves her hospital bed, and dies of some unknown illness in the end, with no real contribution to the plot.