Monday, March 26, 2012

Failure is Normal, Don't be alarmed.

We ended an experiment this past weekend. We disconnected television, internet access and our phone about 8 months ago, cutting the cord with Cox Cable and throwing all our eggs in with Verizon wireless and using one of their 4G wireless hotspots to provide connectivity to our home.

That didn't work too well. The connectivity of the hotspot was horrible, and forget 4G speed, we were lucky to get 56K baud rate out of the thing. So we bit the bullet and I ordered up Cox High Speed internet only (no TV or Phone) on line and waited for the install. I received an e-mail two days later stating that my service was on, but there was nothing about when my Broadband modem would show up. I waited two more days and then called them up. After being transferred 3 times and being put on hold for 10 minutes, I was finally told, they have forgotten to ship the modem to me. They offered to overnight it, or I could go pick one up at a local Cox outlet.

I chose to pick it up that day, and went down to pick it up on Saturday. When we got to the store, they stated they didn't have the modem I ordered so they could not give me one. But they could reverse the charges and sell me a different one, which I opted for.

We got the modem home and I hooked it up (which I have done countless times before) and there was no connectivity. Being suspicious, I went outside to check the cable box on the side of the house. Sure enough, while the service was 'on', they had neglected to actually 'connect the coax cable to the house, which I had to do as well. After a delay of 4 days, and about 4 hours of my time (which I won't get reimbursed for), we now have Boardband back in the house. My wife thinks I am a God for being able to make her iPad superfast now.


We went to purchase a new bed at Sleep America on Sunday. We moved up from a Queen to a King and got a memory foam matress....owwww, so big, heavenly. Only problem is, they delivered it the next day, and it was the wrong one. Instead of a king, it is a California King, instead of being firm, it is extra firm (like a rock). So now we have to call them up and have them come out and exchange it, after we went through the whole process of setting it up in our bedroom and found out that it didn't fit the frame.

Which brings us to Monday......what do you think is going to happen today?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Starring Vic Morrow.....

Every once in a while I browse through NetFlix and find some old television shows from my youth. I slip them into my que to see if there is still any of that old childhood magic left by re-watching these shows. I have watched 'Fireball XL5' and 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea' and was somewhat disappointed. They really didn't regenerate that gee-whiz effect that they had in my youth. Recently, the DVD version of the 60s television show 'Combat!' (starring Vic Morrow and Rick Jason) was dropped in our mailbox and I popped it into the BlueRay player not expecting too much.

I was surprised. This was a really good show. Much better than I remember. As a child in my teens, I only remembered Vic Morrow and the fact that he was super cool and had a Thompson sub-machine gun. As an adult, the dialogue, story lines, lighting, camera work, soundtrack and direction all work very well. These are things I would not have noticed as a child. As adults, we are used to the slick Hollywood glamorization of war. The likes of 'Saving Private Ryan', or 'Red Tails', where everything is based on action and fast pacing. "Combat!" shows a different type of war, the human side of a world in chaos. Sort of like an early version of 'Band of Brothers'. This show might be the NetFlix exception, I actually might add Disc-2 to my que.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Super Sheet

I finished a project at my office last week. It is a statistical spreadsheet that breaks down some of the data that my program collects. This spreadsheet is actually an Excel Workbook that consists of over 30 individual spreadsheets and 150 graphs of the data. The workbook can be loaded with 24 different data pulls, and automatically organizes the data and graphs it. It took me about 40 hours to put this all together. It is so overwhelming that I doubt it will actually be used by my office, but I am glad I made the effort, because if you take the time to read the numbers and graphs, it points the way to the future, whether we like it or not.