Thursday, September 30, 2021

Are We Not Men?

I have concerns about the system.  The American System.  The system I am speaking of contains the various facets of our psyche that become culture, civilization and bonding which make up a progressive group of individuals.  Here in the United States we have been such a group of individuals in fits and starts for over 200 years.  

In the beginning, there was the thought of finding a 'better way' of governance based on lessons learned from the ancients. It was a good system for its day, with malleability built in to modify its codes and laws as time passed.  Pretty unheard of thinking in the 1700s.  

However, back in the day, not everyone was considered equal.  It was mostly a white guys club.  We never addressed that failing in the human experience and it has festered for the past 200 years.  Like I stated, we move forward in fits and starts, with a few wars thrown in for good measure.  

But we are still here, and we are still kicking.....but e-gad, we don't learn very quickly. 

My concern is that there is a breakdown in the ability of a significant amount of the population to reason through logic, but instead define their concepts of right and wrong based on unfounded beliefs.   They simply believe in what they want to believe.  The concepts of data, history and science are irrelevant.  

There was a 1970s rock band that coined a term for this; "DEVO" (de-evolution).  Great band by the way, they really stand up against the test of time.  

So why are we DEVO?

I have often theorized that if you really wanted to win the 'game' and didn't give a damn about the 'rules' you would find a way to cheat.  You want a conspiracy theory?  Here is one: A subversive state back in the 1950s found a way to put undetectable amounts of chemicals in our water supply that over DECADES make the populace more simplistic and stupid.  In the end (the long game) that would be a pretty easy enemy to knock off.  

This type of behavior spiders out in many forms, regarding education, politics, economics, foreign affairs, medicine.....pretty much your whole life.  If there is no universal truth or law for these forms within a society, there will be decay.  It isn't what a large section of the populace is doing / or not doing.  It is how they are doing it, through denial, anger and spite. 

I have often requested that my acquaintances who have conservative views to explain to me the 'better' plan that their leaders want to implement if given the opportunity to govern.  Without fail, these are the responses that I receive. 


Clearly, I don't see a plan for solving any issues here.  I see an attitude of defiance as though hoards are descending on their homes and they see themselves as John Wayne at the Alamo.  

This attitude / tactic as been seen numerous times throughout history, usually with disastrous results.   So maybe it cyclical, every 200 years we sort of go off our rockers for a generation?  

Maybe it is those chemical trails and cloud seeding?  ............. maybe just the culling of the herd.