Thursday, October 24, 2013


The Voices Inside My Head

So I am sitting at work watching my iPod play song after song.  There are currently over 9000 songs on the thing (it is a 60 gigabyte model) and it counts up how many songs it has played since I have reset it at the beginning of the week.  It currently sits at song # 283.

I started thinking, “Who gets all of this when I am gone?”

I mean seriously, this little device contains pretty much everything I have listened to since I was working the swing set in 3rd grade.  When I pass away, the iTunes library that it is synced with will go fallow since no one around will probably know the password to access it. 

Then it dawned on me.  I can ‘give’ it to anyone I want. 

You see, I am a big fan of everything Apple, and actually understand some of the lesser known features that Apple offers in the form of device sharing and the ‘iCloud’. 

I have a subscription to iTunes Match.  This service, which costs $24 a year, allows iTunes to upload ALL of your music content to the ‘cloud’.  I originally did this as a form of backup in case of a hard drive crash.  Then I realized that once in the cloud, all 9000 songs are playable ‘anywhere’ that I have a device.  So in effect, my little outdated iPhone 4 has over 9000 songs on it as long as it has connectivity, so does my iPad and so does my AppleTV. (That Steve Jobs was a genius) 

All I have to do is ‘will’ my Apple User Name and Password to someone and they can be gifted this music where ever they are on the planet when I am gone.  By then, it might be up to 15000 songs.  It is bound to be worth something to someone.  All they have to do is keep paying the $24 a year to keep listening to it, or they could just download it all to their computer (might take a few days).

It makes me chuckle to think that I can give this to someone, who will spend several months listening to it and wondering how I came to have the Tiki Music of Martin Denny next to the Russian Orthodox chants of Rachmaninoff’s Vespers. 

Any Takers?