Friday, August 4, 2006

Closer To The End....

The Maestro,
He walked with a purpose
Riding the Matterhorn,

Stories to tell
Projects to analyze
Live well
Laugh often
Love much

Gonna take
a Sentimental Journey
Iwo Jim Survivor
who never met a stranger

When flowers bloom
remember me,
and that I loved you
Our smile and music
will never end

I miss you so much
I love you a bushel
and a peck.


Last Call
Yours till the end
of life's story

Send In The Clowns

I have been going to a lot of cemeteries recently. Loved ones are passing on and it gives you a time to reflect. It is sobering to understand that in life's journey there comes a time when you realize that you are closer to the end than to the beginning. When this sinks in, you start taking stock of all the things you have done and all the things you have left to do.

In the older cemeteries the markers are pretty terse. They give dates and names. Sometimes they indicate children or a rank in life, but not much else.

As society has changed, so has our desire to leave a message to future generations that we were once here. But the messages have to be brief. Tombstones are expensive and don't have a lot of space to explain things to our children.

In wandering the Arizona Memorial I have been struck by some of the snippets of life that I have come across. They are three to six words carved in stone to sum up a lifetime of experience. Some of the words are profound, some of them funny, many of them a mystery.

While documenting these markers, it dawned on me that they were free form verse, where the lines could be interchanged. No matter how you arranged them, the meaning of the poem seldom varied.

As we get closer to the end we should pay attention to what they are trying to tell us.

The Maestro

He Walked With A Purpose

Riding The Matterhorn Forever

Stories To Tell, Projects To Analyze

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much

Gonna Take A Sentimental Journey

Iwo Jima Survivor Who Never Met A Stranger

When Flowers Bloom, Remember Me And That I Love You

Our Smile And Music Will Never End

I Miss You So Much Sweets

I Love You A Bushel & A Peck, Hugs

Last Call

Yours Till The End Of Life's Story

Send In The Clowns