Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Life and Times of Cherry Ames - Part 14


Dear Diary,

Well, it is now 1960 and I run this place.  At least between 6pm and 2am.  It has been a long hard climb over the years and this is about as far as I go.  From here on out, I am looking at retirement and never treating another patient again.  

First person that disrupts the peace and quiet of my ward gets a Lysol enima and a sedative.  

They have started admitting female doctors and male nurses to the hospital .  What is this world coming to?   Sally is in high school and dating boys that smoke cigarettes and have long hair.  Sam has been to the principals office twice this year and he is only in the 6th grade.  

Life as a nurse just did not turn out like I thought it would.

(inspired by a series of book covers I found on Pinterest)