Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Life and Times of Cherry Ames - Part 10


Dear Diary,

Well, it is now 1950 and it appears that working at a Department Store is the ideal job, until the manager's wife catches you with her husband in the lingerie section.  What a bitch.  So Sally and I are out in the street again, or should I say the mountains.  The Catskills to be exact.  

Nothing like hiding out in the Borscht Belt and laying low for nine months.  The Jewish proprietors up here don’t ask too many questions.  So Sally gets to play in the pool and I get to treat the city folks and their indigestion.     

I think that from now on, I am just going to stay single and avoid all the drama.  Now if I can just keep Sally from contracting polio…..

More later……

(inspired by a series of book covers I found on Pinterest)