Monday, October 6, 2014

Short Short Story / Scene 2b

Short Short Story Fiction
Scene 2b

Deep Space Screenshot 03.jpg

“How long have the aliens been on Devon 2?”

“We can’t be certain Lord Chancellor, but our sensors didn’t pick up any alien life forms during the last planet survey 5 cycles ago.”

Chancellor Flenum gazed out the view port at the swirling dust clouds around Nebula 226.  “Is it an invasion?”

“Doubtful sir, we register only two life forms.  It appears that they may be castaways or exiles of some sort.”, was the scout captain's reply.

“Castaways?, from where?”

“Unknown Lord Chancellor”

“Return to Devon 2 as soon as possible Captain.  I need answers.  Devon 2 is a protected ‘Eden’ world.  We can’t have unknown aliens stumbling about down there.  Find them, capture them and bring them to me.”

Captain Tang, saluted, turned on his heel and floated from the room……

An ongoing experiment in very short fiction based on a random image.  Other examples of this project can be found here.