Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Flights Of Fancy

So, I have been doing a little organizing recently trying to get things in order.  It has been one of those cleaning and throwing things away situations where I have just had enough of the clutter.  Our house and the 'Man Cave' are pretty much done, so now I have turned my attention to my online presence.  

I have been going through cloud drives, hard drives and web sites and cleaning things up.  Like going through the boxes in the attic, you come across stuff that you forgot you had.  Things that will mean little to anyone else, but have special meaning to you.  These are things that will never make it to the trash bin as long as we are still living.  For example, my old college notes in several spiral ring binders from back in 1980s. 
These notes would be Greek to the casual reader, except for the fact that I did most of them in calligraphy. This was long before laptops or the internet, where you had to learn to write really fast in class.  I taught myself to do it really fast with a fountain pen.  When the professor wasn't talking or telling a meaningless story, I added flourishes to the text.  Looking back now, they look like the notes of Leonardo da Vinci. 

Such is the case with this video.  It is a compilation video of computer ray-trace animations that I did in the late 1990s and early 2000s.  Most of these animations took several hours to render on a computer, so I did them at work and let the computer generate the frames overnight or on the weekends when no one was in the office.  One day I strung them all together, uploaded them to YouTube and forgot about them.  Until this week.  Cleaning out my files I stumbled across it and spent a good 5 minutes re-discovering it all over again. 

If you want to escape the hum-drum existence of your daily grind, step into my fantasy world from the last decade and give it a look.