Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Life and Times of Cherry Ames - Part 4


Dear Diary,

Well, it is now 1938 and since Randalf Hupenthal dumped me just before the canoe races I am hoping that this year will bring better things than 1937.  When are these uppity New Englanders going to realize that I am not a babysitter for their spoiled brats!  How many times do I have to tell these little monsters what poison ivy looks like!  I thought this would be a step up from the dude ranch, but boy, was I wrong.  

There are mosquitos and bugs everywhere!  Most of my nursing skills have been put to use repairing screens on the doors and windows.  And the men….geez, they don’t show up to see their kids on the weekends, they show up to grope me behind the nurses station.  When mother is away, the father will stray.  Bastards!    

When summer is over and school starts back up again, this little indian maiden is paddling down the river of NO RETURN.   

More later……

(inspired by a series of book covers I found on Pinterest)