Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Where Is All Of My Ad Revenue?

I suppose that the younger generation is more ‘attuned’ to the whole streaming video world than most of us baby boomers.  I have been slow to pick up on it, but I have been making more and more in-roads into the realm as time goes by.  

For those that only ‘glance’ or scroll through the Internet, you might be surprised that there is a whole bunch more to what you can do on the net.  Selling stuff on Etsy, Amazon and eBay, writing editorials and fiction in the form of blogs on Blogger and WordPress and creating your own television station on YouTube.  

Thats right, television.  Ever thought what you could do with your own public access channel?  Well you can have one and put ‘almost’ anything on it you want.  Stuff you create or stuff you steal or borrow.  YouTube (Google) will also supposedly give you ad revenue, since they stick little ads in almost every video that you might post.  

While doing a little cleanup on my YouTube channel I was checking the analytic to see what the view counts were.  The results are listed below.  This is for the last 12 months as of 9/22/2015.  

Much to my surprise, I have a new leader in the pack.  It has been a dark horse for some time, but is now coming on strong.  It is the rug making video that my wife had me put together about two years ago when she was into her rug making craft phase.  (she has since moved on and now only does them for special occasions).  

The previous leader in the race was an edited videotape that I digitized for a friend who was on the Price Is Right (with Bob Barker!).  I edited out all the extraneous stuff and the video only shows Vern being picked and then winning big in the Grand Prize Showcase.  It is humorous to watch.  If you know Vern, you would now understand why he is called Mr. Hollywood after his turn before the cameras.  If you want to see his 15 minutes of fame, there it is.  Much to my surprise, videos of old game shows are big on YouTube.  Who knew?

The rest of the top 10 list for last year is taken up by some movie trailers from old LaserDiscs that I posted and some of the Lost Memory 8mm film project which I have been working on for several years.  

Surprisingly enough, none of my awesome 100+ Cinema Cycle reviews have cracked the top 10 (except for Kenny Loggins there at the bottom).  But I am patient.  It took Rug Making 101 two years to rise to the top.  I am sure I have more diamonds on the rough out there waiting to be discovered.

Top 10 Videos

Browse all con­tent

Es­tim­ated minutes watched
5,836 (69%)
25,973 (89%)
339 (4.0%)
433 (1.5%)
336 (3.9%)
190 (0.7%)
235 (2.8%)
220 (0.8%)
96 (1.1%)
81 (0.3%)
95 (1.1%)
122 (0.4%)
93 (1.1%)
156 (0.5%)
83 (1.0%)
83 (0.3%)
77 (0.9%)
86 (0.3%)
62 (0.7%)
101 (0.3%)

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