Saturday, November 20, 2010

Letter to the Stoners

From 30 Days


Put down the dobbie. It isn’t doing you any good. In fact it is stealing from you. Your life, your health, you ability to pretty much do anything.

I used to be one of you. While in college I really majored in horticulture more than anything else, even though my degree says Business. It was a fun time, but looking back it was pretty much a waste in many aspects.

There is this ongoing debate about whether or not to legalized certain drugs and de-criminalize their use. I don’t see where that is going to make a difference. Regardless if they do or not, they are always going to be available. Making them legal or illegal isn’t the issue.

The solution is to make them less enjoyable. Which is to say, give the folks that use them something better to do. This is the part where you are getting robbed.

You could surf, sky-dive, repeal, ski, paint, play music, any number of things, but those require commitment and a certain amount of capital. Instead of investing millions in the ‘War on Drugs’, invest that money in youth and social development.

Anybody that is involved in organized sports, plays in a band, and rock climbs three times a week isn’t going to have a lot of time, or desire, to be toking on a big fat one and giggling at re-runs of Gilligan’s Island.

I grew out of that whole getting high phase. Mainly because, it was getting in the way of doing all the things that I really wanted to do.

There is some fascinating shit out there dude, don’t take the easy way out. Your screwing yourself when you do.

Your drink’in buddy,



  1. While I personally am allergic to weed and don't smoke it (nor can I get anywhere near the smoke without sneezing my face off), I have to disagree on a few points. I've known and do currently know many people who are in bands and have jobs and several hobbies who smoke weed daily. One of my best friends ran three companies while getting his BS in English and being a father to four children AND was in a band- that he founded and wrote all the music for. I know there are plenty of stoners who do lead relatively worthless lives- and I know plenty of folks who don't toke and also still lead relatively worthless lives. I don't think it's the weed, usually. I DO agree that the "war on drugs" money could be far better used on programs for our youth.

  2. I read the above comment and think that she makes a good point. Some people are just naturally lazy, and I found that they'll use pot to make their laziness more entertaining. Also, in my experience it's how you use it. I used to be a do-nothing stoner who lived with a horticulturalist, and it seems like all we did all day is smoke with the sycophants who came over to suck up his free weed. It made me depressed. Then I got away from that and continued to use it daily in the evenings AFTER I ran my errands, AFTER I cleaned my house, AFTER I did my schoolwork. I made straight A's that semester because I learned to use it as a reward for having accomplished what I needed to do that day. I also used it as a sleep aid because I had terrible insomnia.

  3. The War on Drugs is a lost cause.

    Peace Out.