Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Letter to Self

From 30 Days

Dear Self

Looking back, you were a pretty introverted kid. You weren’t very sociable as a toddler.

Then, your shyness sort of morphed into being the class clown. You wanted people to like you and would often go farther that you should have to get in their good graces.

In your early teens, you delved into the ‘work’ ethic. That deep pit of the male psyche where your value was based on your job and earning potential.

Finally, you have ended up at mid-life, where you have come to realize, that many of the people that you tried to impress, were not really worth impressing.

In fact, most of them now see you as the person that they most want to impress and be friends with because they see you as the only person that can get things done for them

It has been an odd cycle. In the end, it has taught me that my only value is my own self worth, not the value that others place on me.

Hence, my current mantra.....”No, I am not a resource for you.”

Mr. Grumpy Hardass