Thursday, November 11, 2010

Letter To My Friends

From 30 Days

Dear Friends,

You seem to be constantly amazed by some of the odd and quirky stuff that Sue and I do. I have often wondered why. Why, that is, that everyone doesn't do it.

Life is full of challenges and the only thing that really defines who we are when we are gone is how we met those challenges and changed the world in our wake.

I learned a long time ago that my job is not my life. My life is my work, and I needed to work at it as much as possible. Making money for someone else while sitting behind a desk or in a cube isn’t the road to happiness. It is called prison.

Do me a favor. Do something that I can be amazed at. Sail around the world. Raise three children and send them all off to medical school. Have the biggest flower garden on the block. Do something to impress me. Because when you do, it challenges me to come up with something better.

It seems that most folks are afraid to fail. Lose that fear and start failing. It is often times the only way we learn.

Come on....I dare you!