Thursday, November 25, 2010

Letter To My Doctor

From 30 Days

Dear Doctor,

You indicated at my last physical and checkup that you were surprised that I am still alive based on my past experience and lifestyle.

I have a theory on this.

In the science fiction classic “Ringworld” by Larry Niven, there is a character named Teela Brown. Teela was a woman of no real importance in life, but she was drafted by aliens to be a part of a team that explored this strange new world that had been discovered. The Ringworld.

Now the rest of this rag-tag band of recruits couldn’t quite figure out why Teela had been selected. After some observation, she appeared to be a total ditz....bordering on stupid. So they couldn't see how she was supposed to be a benefit to the mission.

After a series of mishaps and narrow escapes that usually involved Teela in some way, it started to dawn on the rest of the explorers what the aliens reasoning was. The aliens that had assembled the recruits (actually they were kidnapped) had been observing the human race for milenia and had also been manipulating a few things. One of them was Teela and her ancestors.

Her blood line had been genetically manipulated over the generations to make her …....lucky. If she got into a jam, she would, by dumb luck, usually get out of it. Not a bad person to have along while exploring a strange new world.

So why am I still alive? Talk to the alien puppeteers. They might have an answer for you.

Mr. Lucky.


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  1. Mr. Lucky, I'm not a big fan of science fiction but the story you mentioned in this post sounds interesting.

    Stay healthy!