Friday, November 19, 2010

Letter To The Pope

From 30 Days

Dear Holy See,

I wanted to drop you a line in hopes of giving you a little perspective on some things. I know you are a man of letters and probably much more worldly and well educated than I am; however, I think the rigidness of your thinking has given you a slight narrow minded view of the world these days.

I appreciate what you and your immediate predecessors have tried to do, but I believe that the dogma of the house that Peter built isn't really doing you a lot of good these days.

While of the faithful still cling to your infallibility, the past mistakes, both recent and ancient are starting to catch up with you. If the pedophile priest thing weren’t bad enough, there are all those religious wars, persecution, not to mention all the false Popes in the past that were basically politicans parading around in the name of the Christ.

Thanks to modern technology, the world has started to talk a lot more and they are asking questions. No longer is religion and dogma confined to national borders. If they all want to get to heaven, then which ones are going to make it? The Catholics?, the Lutherans?, the Mormons? I mean really, heaven can’t just be an exclusive club for the one group that worships the right way. And if it is, then, is heaven segregated? I mean the questions are endless.

Education and free thought are your enemy. An educated congregation is going to start questioning the concept that God just talks to a select few (the clergy) and that select few interprets what God wants us all to know. The image of the Wizard of Oz comes to mind, with the priest admonishing us to, “Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain!”. I mean really.

Your counterparts aren’t doing anyone any favors (except for themselves) when they build these mega-churches that are the size of a college campus, to administer to their flock. I don’t recall Christ giving sermons to go out and build Crystal Cathedrals and build sports complexes. I thought that Christ told us that God is in ever man and that ‘we’ were the temple. He didn’t say “Build it and they will come....ow, and build it bigger and better each time.”

My life has taught me that God speaks to all of us.....just learn to listen. He doesn't speak through a book that was written 500 years after his death, that has been edited and redacted four different times through the ages.

I suggest that you give up the dogma and stop living in a museum. Go Unitarian and just concentrate of doing good for mankind, and drop all that contraception, make more babies and eat fish on Friday crap.....and for God’s sake, let those priests marry.

The black sheep.


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  1. Bravo Lotus!

    "My life has taught me that God speaks to all of us.....just learn to listen."

    Brilliantly written and I couldn't agree more.

    The problem with the church- they are still living in the stone ages and as for the Bible- it's impossible in this day and age to live your life according to it.