Thursday, November 18, 2010

Letter To My Neighbors

From 30 Days

Dear Neighbors,

I really don’t get this whole hoopla over the gay issue.

When I used to watch the news (and I no longer bother), this was one of those hot-button issues that was always on. Should gays be allowed to do this, should they be allowed to do that, should they get benefits, should they get married, blah, blah, blah.

I mean really, who cares? Many of you are gay. In fact, the historic downtown area where we all live seems to be a mecca for the gay and lesbian life style.

From what I have seen, you are pretty friendly, keep your houses in meticulous shape, mow your lawns, plant flowers, wash your cars, you rarely have snotty nose little brats that run amok in the ‘hood’, and you usually earn a pretty decent dual earner salary. If it weren’t for the fact that you don’t have the ‘heterosexual’ thing going on, most of the blue-nose right wing religious church goers would just love you.

I have learned that there are proactive people in this world and there are inactive people. The inactive ones block change and are afraid of the future. The proactive ones know change is coming and try to manage it. Hopefully, the inactive ones will die out soon and you won’t be so repressed.

As for me, if I am ever looking for another place to live. I am going to find out where the gays and the lesbians live. They tend to have the nicer homes and the nicer neighborhoods.

….....Somewhere over the rainbow......