Friday, May 5, 2017

That Little Droid Is Out There Somewhere....

Come Home Little Disco, Come Home

I bought this drone because my wife made a silly purchase, and I deserved my own hedonistic time to play, so on a whim I bought the Parrot Disco drone. This might make no sense to most readers, so if you want more information about it, look here.  

After some initial instructions from the manual and YouTube, I was off.  The drone can self-pilot itself to fly a preset course.  On my last flight with the drone I had set it to fly around a hilltop and return to me.  Only problem is, it never came back.  Somewhere out of site the drone had gone down and try and I might I could not locate it.  

So after two weeks of trekking through desert scrub brush on my time off, I could still find no trace of the $1,000 flying robot.  

Fast forward to the regular Monday morning ritual of Eggs Benedict that my wife and I enjoy at the Bisbee Breakfast Club.  After my wife and I chowed down on our favorite foods, we bought a local paper and drove back home.  The weekly local paper has a police blotter page that reports odd news of the area.  There at the top of the list, “Drone found near Tin Town!”.

We made a U-Turn and went to the Bisbee Police Station where they confirmed that they did indeed have the wayward Parrot Disco and could return it to me once the chief showed up with the key to the evidence locker.  

So later that day, it was returned to me in surprisingly good shape.  I did have to order a $20 part for it, but I am not complaining.  The bonus was, I got to review of on-board video of what happened to it two weeks prior.  Guess I could have used about another three feet of altitude.

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