Monday, February 18, 2013

The Nightly Propaganda, with Bryan Williams

"Don't worry honey, there will be a cute animal story on the news right after the commercial"

The news of the last few days is getting me more and more upset. Either the public's fascination with anxiety and stress is becoming overwhelming, or the media is playing to your fears more and more to sell you toothpaste and pharmaceuticals. Just this past week:

The Carnival Triumph Cruise Ship. Ow the humanity! All these whiny little middle class working stiffs are crying and moaning because their floating Motel 6 ran out of air conditioning and free lobster. What they are really whining about is that they paid for something and didn't get their monies worth. This is headline news? We're they ever in danger of drowning?, starving?, immanent death?....No. Even on a stranded cruise ship they were living lives better than the average African or South American. Jeez, grow up people...shit happens. But the media makes one huge deal out of it because of the "human" drama.

The Russian Meteor Disaster. Ow, the sky is falling! Granted this was valid news, and great video to watch, thanks for the update. But the next day...same story, same video...but with experts from community colleges and cults telling us just how bad this could have been and that we might all be killed by space debris at any second! Ow My...Lions & Tigers & Bears!!! Wake up folks, this could have happened at any time in the last 2 million years and there is nothing we can do about it in the future! Why don't you just carry on, you can't prevent hurricanes, earthquakes or volcanoes either. The universe is a dangerous place, if you want to save your children, invest in the space program, don't watch the damn anxiety news shows!

The Illegal Aliens Are Coming, Run For Your Lives! We live 5 miles from the Mexico border. Contrary to what you might hear and read, there isn't a problem with illegal immigrants filing through our front yard or sleeping in our garage. Far from it. Yet every month we see a news story on the national media about columns of drug smugglers filing across ranches in Southern Arizona and how Americans are in fear of their lives. Bullshit. I am sure it exists to a degree, but not to the extent that the media plays it up. Border Patrol agents and law enforcement are thick as thieves where we live. If their are illegals here they sure don't want to stick around. I would be more concerned about the thousands of meth-labs in major metropolitan areas that are cranking out drugs right next door to you, than a few Mexicans sneaking marijuana across the border. The media is whipping up fear to make you vote a specific way and trying to bias your opinion.

Remember, for every news story you see or read in the media, there is an alternate view, but that view isn't backed by folks who want to sell you things you don't need.

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