Friday, April 12, 2013

The Fire In The Belly

The Old Office Award Shelf (in my new office)

I haven’t been blogging much recently.  A lot of the bloggers that I used to read don’t blog as much these days either.

Reasons, well….lack of frustration would be one.  Blogging was always a release to the stress and frustration that was ever present in my life.  Take away those factors and the need for ‘therapy’ hasn't been as great. 

In the past, readers will recall, that my job was a constant source of blogging material.  Looking back on that past life, I have come to realize that my employer really was “F’ed Up”.  I mean it really was a bizarre place to work.  Having gotten away from it and looking back, I am amazed at how I lasted there as long as I did.  I will probably be summing up my experiences there in the coming weeks.  As I have often stated, looking back at a problem from a great distance lets you see it in a different light.

With that stress gone, the world is a happier place, and happy people don’t blog as much for therapy..  They can, but when you are happy, you find happy things to do, and don’t need to blow off as much steam. 

I always hoped to turn this blog into a more introspective and contemplative work, where I explored the broader meaning of life through fiction and poetry.  However, that takes a lot more thought and a lot more time to write out.  Like I stated, I am now doing ‘happier’ stuff that leaves less time for writing in that vein. 

So hopefully, this blog has turned a corner.  It won’t nearly as frequent as it once was.  But hopefully better.  


  1. I completely understand what you are talking about. It is good that you are happier and doing more things that you truly enjoy. Finding a new creative self is not easy at first - a different mindset has to step in and it is usually a mindset that has lain dormant and neglected for a long, long time.

  2. Less stress = more happiness. I remember how would you sound off about co-workers!

  3. Hello Bruce,

    You have a gift for writing in such a way that it is interesting to read.
    So please carry on.