Friday, February 1, 2013

Letter to Self - 1 (Repost)

Dear Self,

I wanted to jot down a little note to remind you to lighten up once in a while. It isn’t your fault that the world you grew up in gave you unrealistic expectations.  

You have to remember that those halcyon days of the 1950s, when Ike was president, Elvis was king and Wally and the Beaver got warm cookies after school are gone.  I know they imprinted in your mind that the future would bountiful, non-gay, Anglo-Saxon controlled and orderly, but that was a lie.  Get over it.

Things change, and often times we can’t do anything about it.  The expectations that you had of competency in government, your co-workers, your neighbors and society in general were unrealistic.  Things got muddled, compromised, liberalized and averaged.  

Our parents taught us to have high expectations.  Growing up taught us to expect competency.  Reality has made us realize that we are luck to find plumber or electrician that can read and write.  

Deal with it.  The world isn’t what we were told to expect.  You can’t do anything about it and it isn’t going to change.  So it isn’t worth getting all upset and pissed off about on a daily basis.  



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  1. Dear Bruce,

    There is ONLY ONE who can give you true peace in this crazy upside down world my friend. Even if there's no hope for this world to continue forever
    ( afterall it will ALL pass away one day)There's still hope IN this world and a Difference CAN be made in it .. ONE person at a time... and when it all comes to an end, those whose names are written in the Lambs book of life will still have an eternity to enjoy because then and only then will ALL be right with the world. I hope to see you there my friend. :)