Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Thousand Words - 1/24/2017

A Picture Is Worth
A Thousand Words
(....and here they are.)


10-10-2016 / 01-21-2017



Creative minds think alike, and when they do they are sometimes too creative.  We oftentimes don’t see the ripples that we leave in our wake and how they affect others and ourselves.  Frank Capra was right, we can’t always see how we affect the lives of others and vice versa.  I wouldn’t be a better person if I had not met my wife.  I shudder to think what I might have become without her.  We would not have the dream castle we always wanted if we hadn’t move next door to our contractor.  A contractor that, shall we say has his own ‘flair’.  Here are the happy artisans after ripping out a wall and about to lay up a new ceiling before the new flooring goes in.  Sometimes, the will to create can be a bit overpowering, like a narcotic. There must be that bug for excess in all of us, only it takes different forms.  What drives each of us, the drive to succeed, to be the fastest, the one with the most toys, the one with the most influence, the one with the most experiences.  When is enough enough?  To the artist, I suppose this is a stupid question.  When you stop creating, you die.

(Actual Word Count - 224)

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