Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Thousand Words - 01/27/2017

A Picture Is Worth
A Thousand Words
(....and here they are.)


07-01-2016 / 01-26-2017

That look.  I recall it so many times.  In all my old photographs from Highs School.  Those years where you realize you are going to be an adult and think to yourself, jeez this isn’t going to be easy. The look of angst, boredom, frustration, fatigue and knowing it probably isn’t going to get any easier.  The universal look.  At this age we don’t have enough experience to understand that we have all been there at that point in our lives.  It isn’t a singular experience that only you can relate to.  The secret key to obtaining the final key to adult status is learning how to ‘cheerfully’ attack all those hard knocks and come out somewhat improved.  Otherwise you will just be a bitter disenfranchised adult that nobody wants to be around.

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