Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cinema Cycle - Back To The Future

(Cardio Workout And Reviewing Movies At The Same Time)

Back to the Future (1985)

DATE VIEWED: 09/30/2015

FORMAT: LaserDisc

TIME RIDDEN / FILM LENGTH: 1 hour 57 minutes



SYNOPSIS: A young small town boy goes back in time to repair the past to justify his own existence in the future.

CONCEPT IN RELATION TO THE VIEWER:  An updated Capra-Esque film about doing the right thing before insurmountable odds and having your good work pay off in the end.  The first of the big Hollywood trilogies

PROS AND CONS: While I have seen snippets of this film since its release (it has almost become a metaphor for American culture) this is probably the first time that I have seen it all the way through since I originally saw it in a theater.  

It holds up well, but it is a different film because these are different times.  The focus of the humor in this film is the differences in lifestyles and perceptions in 1985 compared to the same locale in 1955.  What is unexpected is that 1985 now looks somewhat dated as we move through the second decade of the next century.  

Since the story and the plot lines are already well known, what I found myself doing more and more during this viewing was picking up the hundreds of clues and tie-ins that are placed throughout the film, even in the opening credits.  

To read an overview of this project, check out this status posting.  

This film is a part of my LaserDisc Collection.

Clicking on the title will take you to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) entry for this film. 

This film was viewed while exercising on my recumbent cycle.  A summary of my time spent working out on my journey through movie-land can be found on

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