Sunday, November 22, 2020

On Repeat: Hollywood Beauties (Part 1)

Going through my media collection and hitting the repeat function so the film play continually all day long.  Here are some thoughts on lesser known works in the public domain.

Lady of Burlesque: An interesting 'who done it' and an enlightening look at the past and what passed for entertainment.  Basically the equivalent of an "R" rated film in the 1930s, where a fledgling Hollywood was using up older vaudeville acts to put on film.  Racy for its day, it seems cute now.

A Strange Woman: Strange indeed.  A psychopathic narcissistic woman wrecks havoc on the small town in Maine where she grew up.  More of a morality tale of how women were NOT supposed to act.  The viewer has a hard time believing that any woman could look as good as Heddy Lamar does in 18th century New England.

Sundown:  White men in Africa, selling guns to the natives.  Overly stylized with religious and political undertones.  Again, Gene Tierney looks totally glamorous and out of place in this romanticized romp through the dark continent.

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