Friday, August 27, 2010

Moon Base Alpha - Part 4

The continuing saga of the Burning Man 2010 Geodesic Dome Project. Previous entries in the saga can be found here.

Moon Base Alpha - 1

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Moon Base Alpha - 3

Been a little MIA of late. Being piled on at work just before you leave on vacation is a norm around these parts of the woods. Even though I give my peers and supervisors ample warning that I am going to be gone for two weeks, they never fail to dump a shit load of work on my desk that MUST be done before I am leave.

From Moon_Base_Alpha

Last weekend was the big push to get the dome test constructed, which went pretty well. There were some problems, but hey, it actually fit together, which was a concern up until the very end.

From Moon_Base_Alpha

Unfortunately, the ONE day I had it erected is also the one day in the past 3 months that it decided to rain cats and dogs at 1am in the morning. So the dome got drenched, which means there is a bit of water damage to it, but nothing that I can't fix.

From Moon_Base_Alpha

This weekend will be the final steps to finish off some of the remaining projects and pieces to the dome, pack up the motor-home and head off to the "City At The End Of The World".

From Moon_Base_Alpha

Accept my apologizes for not visiting and commenting on some of the exceptional blogs that I usually follow, but like most of this year, free time has been scarce to allow me to indulge in your observations and witticisms. Something I hope to catch up on when I get back from Burning Man.


  1. i said this last year, but i am truly amazed and impressed that you do this... really.

  2. You're forgiven. Love the dome- I hope I can build one someday.