Friday, February 26, 2010

Young Men Love The Booty

I wonder what else is on his cellphone?

Some folks like to check the stock market on a regular basis to see how much money they have and some guys can't live without checking out the sports scores of their favorite teams on a regular basis. My little passion is checking out who's publisist is working overtime to get their clients on the covers of checkout stand magazines and entertainment television.

The rise of the celebutant as a cultural phenominon is something that has preplexed me for the past decade. Why anyone would consider the likes of Paris Hilton, Brittany Spears or Lindsay Lohan to be anything worth watching or paying attention to is beyond me. Yet, there are hundreds of websites and celebrity blogs that document their every move. These women have no known talent, nor do they contribute anything to society as whole, other than teaching young girls how to be anorexic and shallow.

One of my current favorites is Kim Kardashian. The daughter of the late Robert Kardashian, of O.J. Simpson defense fame. Kim and her pod of siblings help prop up "E!" Entertainment Television with their show called "Keeping Up With The Kardashians", which basically documents how rich and shallow people manufacture cheap and ditzy drama for the masses. Kim is pretty easy on the eyes and has a pretty face, not to mention a thermo-nuclear rear end.

While I have often wondered what sort of mind set would actually relish the idea of having a platoon of paparazzi document your every move, I have to assume it is because they have huge egos that need to be satisfied on a regular basis. Which is why I find this image (recently posted on "The Superficial") to be so funny.

Here is Kim, returning to her car after doing some athletic store shopping and she is mobbed by all these bystanders who whip out their cellphones and start taking pictures of her. Mind you, they aren't taking pictures of her as much as they are taking pictures of her ...ahem...assets.

I will never really understand where living the life of a fantasy peice of meat has any allure for anyone. Obviously, I have lost touch with the younger generation.

clicking on the picture takes you to the supersize version of Kim


  1. I love the Kardashion reality show. Do you watch The Girls Next Door? It's about Hef and his girlfriends.

    How can you say Paris has no talent. She's got a perfume business, handbags, and even now sells hair products and designer shoes under her name!

    I love the pic you posted, very cheeky!

  2. P.S. Are you sure that's Kim? It looks like her older sister Kourtney.

  3. Earl: It isn't as bad and washed up athelete crime fame.

    Princess: If Paris mixed the chemcials for the perfume and actually 'designed' the handbags it wouldn't be so bad....but all she does is cell her name as a branding. She is talentless. Do you have a copy of her last movie on DVD or her last Album release? .... and yes that is Kim in the picture. Kourtney isn't nearly as good looking.

  4. I must be so far removed from the collective current of thought circulating through the world. Not so long ago (a month or two) I didn't even know who Kim Kardashian was. Didn't know there was a television program. Didn't know they were celebrities, of sorts. Boggles the mind. Did you say that they had made any tangible contributions to society? I must have missed that part.

  5. as chinese forensic scientist say...Something wrong here

  6. i DO have to admit that sometimes all the attention gets to me.

    But then i take a look at my stellar ass in the mirror and realize its all worth it.

  7. Sometimes, I seriously wonder about you Slyde.

  8. I am sure she has butt implants or something. The dynamics of it all look wrong. Those cheeks look abnormally hard compared to her dimply legs. Usually the dimples are not confined to just thigh area.

    Says me, a dimply kind of gal with a slightly less than thermo-nuclear rear end.