Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Current Addictions

I rarely do these

I have been tagged to do a 'Meme'. A meme is a list of questions that are sent to you by someone else in the blogsphere that you are supposed to answer, and then 'tag' other readers to answer them as well. From my time on MySpace, I grew to hate these things, since adolescents like nothing more than to pepper everyone they can with questions.

My temperament has cooled since those days and since 'Caz' has shown extreme intelligence by commenting on my blog, I figure I owe her. Besides, she just got burglarized and I feel bad for her.

So without further delay, here it is:

Now... the rules:
*Post at least five current addictions (with some details please)
*Mention the person who started this game of tag (Being Brazen) and also the person who just tagged you (in my case, Caz).
*Type your post with the heading "Current addictions"
*Tag at least two people and pass on the above rules.

Nintendo 64 / GameCube:

This sort of comes and goes, but I have always been a Nintendo man. Their games have always tweaked my interest more, ever since Super Mario. I am currently engrossed in "Medal of Honor: Rising Sun", where I am kicking some serious butt in the Pacific during WWII. I turned my wife onto the "New Tetris" on our Nintendo 64 (which is really awesome on an HDTV) and now she is totally addicted to that game. We go head to head on it and the games are similar to a World Wrestling Federation brawl. She is pretty competitive.


I have over 250 of them. Being something of a cinema snob, there are a lot of films on Laserdisc that you just can't get anywhere else. Just try finding a good copy of Fellini's "La Strada" on VHS or DVD. While they haven't been manufactured for over 10 years, there is still a hard core group of folks devoted to them. You can check out my collection on the Internet LaserDisc Catalog Site.

Empire Deluxe:

This is a computer game that goes way, way back to the days of DOS and floppy Disk. It was so simple and well thought out that it developed a loyal following of war gamers. It has since morphed and been acquired by various folks until it landed in the hands of Killer Bee Software, who currently markets the EDEE Edition (Empire Deluxe Enhanced Edition). I am currently involved in a War with two other players in this game that has been going on for almost a year and half. We are at turn 320+ and still going strong. The turns are sent around via e-mail, played, saved and then forwarded. Currently each game turn takes about 30 minutes to complete. I can't go into all the details, but if anyone is interested in finding their inner Napoleon, let me know and I will fill you in. You will either love this game or find it somewhat odd. Slyde and Earl should play this just so they can bomb and nuke one another. The website for the game is here.


This goes way back as well, to my days in college. I am not talking digital here. I am talking 35mm and up. 120mm and 4X5 inch negatives taken with older view cameras such as Speed Graphics and Hasselblads. There is something about manipulating film in the dark and the smell of the chemicals as well as having an intimate control over the image that makes this much better than point and click. Besides, there is a thrill when you punch the shutter release and realize that for better or worse, you just blew $2 on an image. Check my Flickr page for proof.

The Garage:

The never ending project. I suppose I have this vision that it will be the ultimate creative zone where I will do woodworking, vehicle maintenance, dark room and storage library. I am almost there, but little things keep getting thrown into the mix that keep taking me off course. Wait till I retire. Then I will disappear into the garage and not be seen from again in this millennium.

As for who I would tag (and I loath to do so) I will be tapping those folks that I think might be the most likely to actually respond. But if they don't, I totally understand. So go for it girls, show me the love......

Cocaine Princess
I'd Rather Be Blogging

That is it, no more memes until the end of the year.


  1. I don't think I've ever had a meme on my page- or at least it's been a long time. Other things to blog about and not having any obligations, I guess. But my sister has condemned all memes to a gravesite on her page.

  2. No doubt that a man wrote this list! Way too funny! Ummm, "photography" might be a common one with me, but the rest are like alien things. Glad you did the meme to get a completely different perspective on life and "addictions."

  3. I have joined the followers because your fantastic comment left on my blog.

    And you started following me first.


    Mrs. Hall

  4. WOW!! You Americans are fantastic! You put some real effort in. Well done! Great to know a bit more about the man behind the pics. With you on the photography BTW, but times are tough and sadly digital is sooo much cheaper.

    I think my best computer game back in the day was DIGGER... it had that cool tune that got stuck in your head all day. Clearly I'm not so advanced with the whole gaming thing!!!!

  5. Hiya
    If you want a new addiction, come ahve a look at the black boxes widget on my blog. You can get one of your own from Caroline Smaile's blog. xo

  6. wait a minute.... you're a wargamer?

    oh man, i had no idea.. we may have to talk more on this....

    i belong to a local game group, and we wargame regularly...

  7. Yeah, old school grognard, used to play the old Avalon Hill games in college (PanzerBlitz, Luftwaffe, KingMaker). Still looking for folks to try and tackle those games on CyberBoard, but most CyberBoard Players are into more obscure wargames these days.

    For simplicity and scope, Empire Deluxe is a pretty satisfying game. In our current game I have over 300 units in combat, from Carriers to Seabees to Tank divisions.

  8. GAMES!

    So I have started a game over at my blog. You have a second chance to redeem yourself.


    Mrs. Hall

  9. This one, I must admit, is amusing!


  10. oh man, i post so many surveys on myspace it's ridiculous! but i do it cause i'm bored, not cause i live off those things .. lol any who, yeah, super mario will always have a little space in our hearts. especially super mario world from super nintendo. i wish i could play that game one last time xD

  11. Thankfully I own only 1 LaserDisc - "I'm going to get you Sucka'"
    But it cracked soon after the machine stopped working.
    It's like it knew it had no home.

  12. Lotus,
    I'm not following. Did you meme/tag me? If so what am I suppose to do?
    (I'm one one your 7 faithful followers and always will be)

  13. You know what, I just realized what it means. Give me a couple of days to figure out what my 5 addictions are. God knows I have more than that.

  14. I also love photography. I used to shoot on film, but sadly have never had the chance to play in a darkroom - you are very lucky.

    Now i just shoot digital and while its not the same - it is amazing what you can do with digital pictures.

    Some really great photos on your flickr :)