Thursday, February 6, 2020

Opera Sunday: Tannhauser (Wagner)

Wednesday, 02.05.2020



Bruce Johnson

Act One

That classic overture

  1. Lots of imagery, erotic dancing, oh my.  Some sort of flashback dream sequence.

Let's argue with the Goddess of Love

  1. Probably not a good idea
  2. Basically, the rule is, don't fall in love with a goddess.  They can be nasty
  3. A very minimalist production, but it works.  Moody and passionate

Act Two

Forget living with the Gods,  back on Earth

  1.  Apparently being able to sing in this culture is highly prized.  "Like dude! You sing better than us. Damn!"
  2. Intermission
  3.  Interesting tour of the festival grounds.
  4. The female lead in this really has some pipes
  5. So this all leads up to a singing contest…..
  6. This opera has almost everything,  Gods,  ballet,  chorus, duets,  fancy costumes…
  7. The loooonnnngggg drawn out emotional phrasing.

Act Three

A lot going on here, Gods of Emotion vs The God of Christ?

  1. Lots of frustration, lots of denial.  
  2. Guilt and banishment, jeez.
  3. I really have a hard time believing that people ever really lived and thought this way.   Its more of a Nordic Fable focused on love, denial and sacrifice.
  4. Here come the three contest songs about love…….
  5. Banished for blaspheming at the song contest,  the Horror!
  6. So in the end,  what I believe Wagner is trying to say here,  is the struggle between pagan desires, and love of Christ through a pious woman resides in us all.

Cinema Cycle Notes

  • Miles Ridden = 30.4 miles
  • Time:= 3 hours 9 minutes (189 minutes)
  • Total Odometer: = 10,768 miles

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