Monday, February 10, 2020

Cinema Cycle - Lord of War

Lord of War
Friday, 02.09.2020



Bruce Johnson

Disc One

Setup / Background

  1. Best opening credits ever.
  2. Beginning moves along quickly, a lot of voice over.
  3. No female lead yet, but a lot of brother bonding.
  4. Let's sell arms to EVERYBODY!
  5. Goodbye brother, hello love interest.
  6. Bye bye Soviet Union, Arms Sale Free-For-All
  7. Lots of sick corrupt people in this world.
  8. The scene with the cargo plane, OMG
  9. He loses his wife, his son and his brother, didn't expect a happy ending.
  10. In the end he loses everything, or does he?
  11. The final scene with Ethan Hawk, should be required viewing. 

Cinema Cycle Notes

  • 12.6 + 15.5 =  28.1 miles
  • Time = 2 hours 2 minutes (122 minutes)
  • Odomenter =  11692 miles  

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