Saturday, February 8, 2020

Cinema Cycle - Far and Away

Far and Away
Friday, 02.07.2020


Bruce Johnson

Side One


  1. Impressive credits, expecting quality film making.
  2. I can see this will not be a simple plot.  Gorgeous imagery.
  3. Whoever wrote the dialogue for this should have won an oscar.
  4. Enter Nicole Kidman.  Fiery !
  5. Talk about a series of unfortunate events.
  6. A duel in the fog….really?  Hilarious.
  7. Very good production values.  Accurate.      

Side Two


  1. Welcome to America.  Poverty everywhere!
  2. A very accurate film depicting the time.
  3. Was there really this much pugilism in the 1890s?
  4. No sex means more testosterone for the boxing ring.
  5. Oh Yeah, welcome to grass roots American Government (corruption)
  6. He loses everything for a woman….typical
  7. So many random events.


  1. Finally made it to Oklahoma sans Nicole Kidman, where could she be?
  2. There she is!
  3. Finally the big payoff scene (with menacing villain)

Side Three

The Big Scene - Land Rush

  1. Happy ending for sure, but the real moral is stay away from Irish Redheads, they just get you into trouble.

Cinema Cycle Notes

  • 14 + 19.3 = 33.3 miles
  • Time = 2 hours 20 minutes (140 minutes)
  • Odometer = 11663.9 miles

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