Thursday, February 13, 2020

Cinema Cycle - Naked City: Robin Hood and Clarence Darrow, they went out with the bow and arrow

Naked City
Friday, 02.12.2020



Bruce Johnson

"Robin Hood and Clarence Darrow, they went out with the bow and arrow"

Setup / Background

  1. First impression, I have no idea what is going on.
  2. Lots of background.  Very depressing
  3. Also artsy in a 1950s sort of way.
  4. The old cliche scene of talking to a headstone to fill in background.  No voice overs back then.
  5. OMG a very young Christopher Walken!  (As Ronnie Walken in the credits)
  6. Plot finally makes sense.  Geez the 50s were repressed.
  7. Social injustice and the struggle of the common man.
  8. Again with the headstone
  9. Basically the movie "Falling Down" set in 1950s New York
  10. Best thing about this series, location shooting in 1950s New York.
  11. Surprise ending
  12. Almost every episode I have seen ends in a bloodbath.  Bad men die violent deaths.
  13. More father son bonding in the end.
  14. Why does he hate his father? Because he loves him?

Cinema Cycle Notes

  • 11.1 miles
  • 51 minutes 
  • Odometer =  11703.1 miles  

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