Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Cinema Cycle - Man With A Camera (2 Episodes)

Man With A Camera
Tuesday, 02.18.2020



Bruce Johnson

Two Strings Of Pearls

  1. Charles Bronson, bad as photographer
  2. Love the camera equipment, all 4X5 and 120. No 35mm in sight!
  3. The modern equivalent would be 'Young Man with a Drone'.
  4. Back when photography was a swashbuckling career.
  5. Love the 50s production values.  
  6. The final scene at the airport.  OMG.
  7. Bad girls go to jail….good ridence.
  8. More entertaining than I thought it would be.


  1. Complex plot for a 30 minute show.
  2. Location shooting in 1950s Los Angeles.  The cars!
  3. Charles Bronson, tough guy photographer outsmarts the police.
  4. Charles never develops his own film, he lets the geeks do that.
  5. OMG, Tijuana border patrol and smuggling.  So simple, sooo inept. 
  6. Film Noir Los Angeles
  7. Back when diamonds where the currency of the underworld.
  8. Shoot out in the car wash. Film Noir Classic.

Cinema Cycle Notes

11 miles
52 minutes
Odomenter =  11752.1 miles  

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