Monday, February 24, 2020

Cinema Cycle - Naked City: A Hole In The City

Naked City
Thursday, 02.24.2020



Bruce Johnson

A Hole In The City

  1. First 10 minutes, armored car robbery and chase, wow.
  2. The best thing about this series are the young group of actors who went on to win Oscars. In this case Robert Duvall.
  3. A whole lot of murder going on.
  4. A young Ed Asner with hair.
  5. The simplistic idea of police work back in the day
  6. I love the cinematic style.
  7. The dream sequences in this segment are just surreal
  8. Ow no, they shot Lew Grant!
  9. ….and the ending with the classic hail of gunfire.

Cinema Cycle Notes

  • 10.4 miles
  • 51 minutes
  • Odomenter =  11765.8 miles  

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