Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Things Old Guys Do - Barn Doors

The original barn doors.  They were layered slats that were four layers thick and were rotting on the bottom.  Each door weighed over 1000lbs.  The extension on the right had also rotted and was torn down.  (O'Henry the dog)

The only portion of the original doors that were salvaged.  Norvell-Shapleigh - Norleigh Diamond Barn Door Hangers.  Stripped the layered paint from them and refurbished the hardware.  According to a Google search, these were manufactured sometime before 1918.  

Since the doors were to large (8' X 10') to hang once assembled, I chose to arrange the doors on the ground and then hang them piece by piece on the barn.  Essentially, assembling the doors in place.  (Coco the dog)

Once the frame was hung, the remainder of each door could be installed in place.  (Iris the dog)

The primary door panel material is corrugated metal with window inserts placed in each door.  The windows were found in the barn and are being recycled.  They will be stripped, glazed and reinstalled in the same color scheme.  But that is a separate project. 

Keeping the theme of the Norleigh Diamond Hangers. 

On to the next project..... (O'Henry the dog)

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