Tuesday, November 26, 2019

He Saw / She Saw - They Won't Believe Me


Highly recommend this movie made in 1947 staring Robert Young, Rita Johnson, and Susan Haywood.  Interesting plot of a man who married only for money, and keeps cheating on her, and eventually he is accused of murder.  A stellar performance by Robert Young and so many twists which kept you wanting to not hit the pause button!   Watch it...you will be glad you did!


A fascinating sleeper film.  Both Sue and I watched most of this slack-jawed because we couldn't tell what was going to happen next.   The plot really can't be described in simple terms.  It is complex, but what stands out, is that this is a scandalous / daring film done in a much more repressive and button-down society.  In the end it is a morality tale, but you won't see the ending coming. 

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