Monday, November 25, 2019

For RePeats Sake: Wham! In China / Foreign Skies

Take Away:

An interesting view, not so much for the music performed by Wham, but as an historical document.  George Michael is all of 20 years old here and comes off as the perfect genetically engineered pop-star that pours out talent on stage.  However, there aren't a lot of musical numbers in this 60 minute video.  The ones that are performed are impressive, but this is more of a tour video and not a music video  What comes across is the fact that Wham! toured China about 10 years after Nixon's visit and they were still a pretty emerging country.  The group strolls through Tienanmen Square prior to the riots and hundreds of Mao clad concert goers fold their arms and stare at Michael gyrating on stage to "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go".  It is a bit surreal. 

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