Sunday, November 17, 2019

He Saw / She Saw - A Star Is Born


Definitely not what I expected.  Considering there have been 3 remakes of this movie, I was expecting it to be WOW.  In my opinion, it was not. Some film historians believe that the marriage of Barbara Stanwyck and Frank Fay was the film's real-life inspiration.  Who knows, but the plot is same as the remakes — country girl (played by Janet Gaynor) goes to city to become an actress, meets an actor she admires played by Fredrick March.  We soon find out he is an alcoholic and the ending is same.  She becomes famous...he dies.  I would not watch this movie again.


Going back through three remakes, this is the original that started it all.  An early O'Selznick film that shows glimpses of grandeur, but also has points that drag on far to long.  Good character development and pacing, however, this is a fair-tale film that is rather fluffy, aimed at farm girls on the Great Plains during the Great Depression. 

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