Friday, November 8, 2019

He Saw / She Saw - The First Deadly Sin


Do not waste your time watching this movie, although reading about it after the fact on Wikipedia was more interesting.  This was Frank Sinatra’s last film that he produced and stared. Sinatra played a NYPD detective on the verge of retirement and tracks down a guy who is killing people with an ice axe.   His wife, played by Faye Dunaway, was in a hospital bed the entire show with very little acting on her part.   I would not recommend watching, waste of time.


An incredibly bad film, considering it's pedigree.  In the late 70s, all the aging Hollywood leading men had to jump on the 'Dirty Harry' / 'Bullet' bandwagon and make a bad-ass cop film.  This was Frankie's attempt.  The flow and continuity of the film is way off and the actors are just walking through scenes.  Faye Dunaway's character never leaves her hospital bed, and dies of some unknown illness in the end, with no real contribution to the plot.  

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