Friday, November 21, 2014

Cinema Cycle - The Human Sexes - Volume 2

(Cardio Workout And Reviewing Movies At The Same Time)

The Human Sexes-Vol2.jpg

DATE: 11/21/2014


TIME RIDDEN / FILM LENGTH: 52 minutes 9 seconds



SYNOPSIS: The second episode in a series about human sexuality and the similarities and differences in the human genders.

CONCEPT IN RELATION TO THE VIEWER: For this particular episode, the lengths that various cultures will go to attract a mate.  

PROS AND CONS: This is one of those crown jewels that I have in my media collection.  Since I am a documentary junkie, this is about as good as it gets.  This is an excellent series that I wish every adolescent boy and girl was required to watch as opposed to the tame sex education that they receive in public school or worse yet on the playground or behind the bleachers.  

This particular episode in the series is oddly appropriate given the current media fascination with celebrities and the the trend toward body morphism.  If the viewer thinks in terms of the size of Kim Kardashian’s buttocks or the new look of Rene Zellweger, you will have a better understanding of why the masses find it so interesting after watching this.  

This episode examines the various practices around the world and through time that humans have undertaken to make themselves more attractive to the opposite sex.  It has been going on since the beginning of sex and some of the ancient practices make the current popular ones seem almost tame in comparison.

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