Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lost Memories - Volume 52

Parents have always wanted their children to grow up faster than they actually do.  Case in point, this little tike, seen in the previous Christmas video, is still totally uninterested in all of the toys and attention that is lavished on him/her.  It all ends with the obligatory naked baby picture that I am sure he/she was tortured with when they became a teenager / young adult. 

I am firing up a long dormant project as I continue my trek toward retirement and moving on to other things.

Over the years I have amassed a rather significant collection of 8mm home movies.  Some of these I have taken myself and some I have found in thrift stores and at garage sales.  This all dates back to my early days in media when I was interested in film editing and cinematography.  Since those days are long gone and it is doubtful that anyone will ever want to, or know how to view these films, I thought it best to digitize them and then send the film off to the dump.

My goal here is to post about 5 of these films a week.  I have enough raw footage to make this project last about 6 months at that rate.

The clips speak for themselves.  I do not know most of the people or locations in these movies and what I can glean from watching them is documented in the keywords for each segment that I have posted on YouTube.  Since YouTube limits free content to under 10 minutes, most of these films will be less than 5 minutes long.  The file name for each segment is the date that I transferred the film to digital format.

Most segments hearken back to a much simpler time.  A time before AIDS, Ebola, terrorism, the internet, social media, etc.  For that reason alone, they are worth watching.  All of the films along with my other YouTube content can be found on my YouTube Channel.