Friday, April 15, 2011

Media Projection


The Case For Censorship?

In the future, what will / should be censored

(religious dogma / political ideology [propaganda])

Calculated Time line of media sinking to ratings.

Toilet / Gross Humor





Leave It to Beaver - No Toilet


Marilyn Monroe - Steam grate pictures (some like it hot)

The $64,000 Question

I Love Lucy - First Pregnancy

Julia (first black woman on TV)

Gilligan's Island (Mary Ann and Ginger)

Petticoat Junction

I Dream Of Jeannie - no naval (woman kept as pet)

The Smoothers Brothers - political humor, off color.

All in the Family (toilet flushing, race, gender issues)

Bullet - First film to show graphic gunshot death with blood.

Three's Company - Gay Overtones, living in sin

Farah Fawcett Nipples

Will and Grace - openly gay stereotypes

Murphy Brown - Pregnancy out of wedlock

Full rear nudity - NYPD Blue

Jerry Springer - Throwing Chairs and Pregnancy Tests

Janet Jackson SuperBowl nipple slip

Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire?

Lindsay Lohan / Brittany Spears - Panty-less / Pregnant / Rehab

All Reality / Team Shows require (Anglo, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Gay team members)

Paris Hilton / Kim Kardashian / Brittney Spears Sex Tape

$1,000,000 Game Show Prizes

The Bachelor, institutionalized Gold-Digging

The Soparanos - graphic violence and glorification of crime.

Jamie Lynn Spears - Pregnant at 15 by a 17 years old

The Black Theatrical Comedies - centered on a black audience (chosen as opposed to forced segregation)


- <52 Years>