Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fiction 101 - Chapter One

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Shortened story, dreamlike imagery, questions of the past, answer given much too late.

A warm summers day at Hoster’s, working in my parents Resturant..

I found out that they were going to send me away to school that summer. Far away, to a town in New England. I didn’t want to go. But times were bad in the city. Really bad, with the depression and a lot of organized crime.

I didn’t like New England at first. It was strange, cold, I had not friends and their customs and manner of speech seemed funny. I felt like a real fish out of water.

My grandparents had a green house where they grew flowers.....Hot, wet......with the aroma of a million plants. Then I found out that my parents were missing. But money kept coming in from a bank account.

Years later, when my son was in school, he came home with question about something that he had seen in school during social studies and current events. A old car had been dragged out of the east river in New York.

The final key was that my father had fallen in with the wrong crowd. When he was found out, he made allowances for me and sent me off, knowing that he couldn’t follow me.