Monday, August 4, 2008

Something is Terribly Wrong!

Prada or Louis Vitton?

I have been downloading a bunch of movies online recently. It isn't a hard thing to do if you know where to look, how to do it and have a lot of time for the files to download. Mostly I have been sucking down documentaries from the Internet that are pretty hard to find in theaters or movie rental joints (the British really know how to do documentaries well).

As stated previously, I had downloaded a very poor quality version of "The Dark Knight" and watched it. I wasn't all that impressed with it. It is a very slick film, but I have issues with two psychopaths, one dressed as a clown and one dressed as a flying rodent, going mano-y-mano with knives and explosives. It just gets a bit too much to take after a while.

To try and even things out, I also downloaded "Sex and the City" for my wife. Since she lasted all through "The Dark Knight", I thought it only fair to show something that she might find interesting. I have never been a fan of this show and never watched it when it was on HBO. I only knew that all my female friends and gay friends liked it.

So I fired up the AppleTV unit and started watching 'Sex and the City' in Hi-Def last Saturday morning. Much to my surprise, I found it rather entertaining. While the trappings of the film are somewhat whimsical (young women hanging out in New York and looking for love and 'designer' fashions) the actual personalities of the woman were very captivating. Sure, almost no woman is going to live this lifestyle, but it COULD happen.

By the time I was through the first 45 minutes I was thinking to myself that this was a really good film. It drew me into the lives of the characters because they were all dealing with issues and relationships that I could relate to. Love, honor, marriage, doubt, self worth, the meaning of happiness, and the true value of love and friendship. What a concept, and not once did any of them pull out a gun or try and blow something up!

It appears that I have made the leap from macho 'guy' pictures, to introspective 'chick' flicks. Maybe it is time to check into getting a prescription for some Viagra.