Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Not Being Subtle

In The Lap Of Luxury

We have been busy the past couple of days, hence the limited time to blog and read blogs.

We have been finishing up a home improvement project. That leaves about another 20 of them to go before we can just start 'living' in our house.

What we have pictured here is called the 'Venus Bath'. It is the master bathroom in our home. We totally gutted the old bathroom down to the studs and insulation and had it rebuilt. The cost (with help from George Bush's Tax Incentive Check) was in the five digit range. It took almost 3 weeks for the contractor to complete the job.

A few specifics about the bathroom. It has a hand pounded, free-standing copper bathtub that we purchased in Mexico. The ceiling is stamped aluminum sheeting that is hand-painted (by my wife). The custom facets for the tub cost in excess of $600. Since all the toilets that we looked at are now 'low flow' toilets that sit about 10 inches off the floor, we had our new one raised up off the floor to match the design motif for the tub. The room contains two wall size mirrors (framed to match the crown molding ... also hand-painted by my wife) that face each other and give an 'infinite window effect' for the room. The mural is tile, mounted to a plywood base, framed with cermic tile and hung on the wall. It weighs about 120lbs. Its cost was just under $1,000.

The tub will easily hold two adults and since it is metal, retains a lot of heat. After sitting in it for 45 minutes, the water is still pretty hot.

Suffice to say, that the wife and I will be taking a lot more baths in the future.

To see more pictures of the 'Venus Bath', check out the Flickr page by clicking the Blog Title.