Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Its All About The Mind Control

Lets All Use A Little Common Sense

Some of you might already know this, but for those of you that don’t, this bares a bit of repeating. 

The attached flyer has been making the rounds on social media. Depending on the source of the posting, it claims to be a message left on a non-white persons door by a disgruntled racist.  

As a disclaimer, let me state: This is racist, un-American and should horrify anyone that reads it. That said, it is almost certainly fake. 

It was never posted on anyone’s door. 

 Lets do the math here shall we. The current political climate has made it acceptable for people with xenophobic views to espouse this type of rhetoric, which is pretty sad. However, when a person of limited intelligence and backward beliefs gets all ‘rilled up’ like this, their preferred method of protest is usually to burn a cross on someone’s lawn, or write “Go Home” with gasoline on their grass.  

What they don’t do, is sit down at a word processor and type out a flyer in Microsoft Word, spell check it and make a few copies on theircolor laser printer, then post it to a door where security cameras might be present. 

Adding insult to injury is the duct tape that states ‘for the wetbacks’ holding the note to the door. I mean really? Sounds like more of a prank to me. The scenario is probably more along the lines of, ‘disgruntled 12 year old who is upset because Coach Gonzalez didn’t pick him for the baseball team’. 

However, there is a sinister side here also. This was not created by an individual (adult or child) who promotes ultra conservative viewpoints. Since the flyer is going to inflame the liberal base that finds this behavior unacceptable, it motivates them to vote democratic in the future. It is more likely ‘kindling’ to inflame the liberal-left in order to motivate them to oppose the far right. It is a tactic used by the Alt-Right, ANTIFA and Russia. We can’t take stuff like this at face value. Every posting has a motivation behind it, much of it subliminal.

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