Friday, July 5, 2019

He Saw / She Saw - Fantastic Voyage


An interesting and dated look at science fiction from a different angle in the 1960s. A guy film, with a young Raquel Welch along for eye-candy. I couldn't stop laughing as all the men in the film are trying to peel clinging antibodies from Raquel's wet-suit tight body before they strangle her. It reminded me of an orgy scene, Bruce said it was supposed to be serious.


A ground breaking film for its day. However, on this subsequent viewing of the film I was a bit underwhelmed. The dazzling special effects that I saw as a child don't hold up well over time. This may be due to a questionable video transfer, but the colors should have 'popped' a bit more. Both Sue and I agreed, that the ending sort of sucks.

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